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March 2017 "PDM" Professional Development Meeting - Fabrice Bouchereau

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Welcome to the APICS Houston Chapter, an organization that provides educational services and events for the Supply Chain and Operations Community in Houston and its surrounding areas.

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March 16th, 2017 Professional Development Meeting

Title: Adding Kaizens to your Kanban:

A Visual Facilitation Approach to Create Prioritized Project Pipelines

Keynote Speaker: Fabrice Bouchereau, Senior Industrial Engineer and Lean/Agile Project Manager, ProcessZen Consulting

Many organizations struggle with identifying issues to address through improvement projects. They often want to improve their operations, but don’t know where to start. This is somewhat surprising given the overabundance of problems many organizations face; yet, it is likely that the sheer number of problems is what makes it hard for organizations to prioritize and select the ones most in need of attention. 

The approach described in Kaizen Kanban provides unique solutions to this problem. It focuses on helping organizations identify opportunities for improvement in an efficient and value-added way. The result is a prioritized project pipeline that was identified by leveraging the expertise of organizational members using approaches built on well-known quality tools and methods. 

The power behind the kaizen Kanban approach emanates from our innovative adaptations of traditional tools and methods. For example, concepts derived from SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, customers) diagrams and FMEA are integrated within process mapping activities, which significantly increases the depth of analysis within the process being examined. Then, logical and well-known approaches are employed to (1) prioritize the opportunities for improvement identified and (2) categorize them within the appropriate type of kaizen event. In the end, the kaizen Kanban approach provides an effective method for coordinating project selection that efficiently feeds the deployment of improvement projects across an organization using a visual communication approach.

Fabrice is a licensed Industrial & Systems Engineer, facilitator and trainer with 18 years of experience managing lean improvement projects and teams.

He founded and manages Houston-based ProcessZen Consulting.   His mission is to help you facilitate, improve and transform your organization to get the most out of your existing systems, processes & resources to achieve optimal levels of satisfaction for stakeholders, employees and customers. 

His vast experience in changing company culture and improving processes, covers a broad range of industries including healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, textiles, transportation, oil & gas and energy.

He is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and has delivered training in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America.

He is an author and frequent speaker for world and regional conferences such as the American Society of Quality, The Houston Project Management Institute, HR Houston and Universities.

For more information, please click the following link: March 2017 PDM

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Join us on February 23rd at Revelry Bar for a fun night in Houston's Museum District! Instructors, Mentors, Members and Friends will be attending and you will have the chance to interact, meet, learn and increase your network. 

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